Factors to Consider When Buying a Quiet Generator

silent generatorIf you need a generator to power your home, the chances are that you are shopping for a quite generator. But what do you need to look for when looking for a quiet generator for home use? There are plenty of factors to consider when shopping for a home generator. Here are some essential factors to consider when shopping for a quiet generator for home use.

Decibel Rating

The first thing to consider when shopping for a quiet generator is the sound level. What makes one generator noisier compared to another? Ideally, the most important thing to look at when shopping for a generator is the decibel rating. This unit of measurement defines how noisy a generator is. When you look at the decibel rating, you can easily predict how loud a generator will be. Most people cannot measure sound accurately. Therefore, the best way to accurately predict the degree of loudness is to look at the manufacturer’s rating. 

Fuel Type

One factor that determines how noisy your generator will be is the type of fuel that it uses. For instance, generators that use diesel or natural gas are generally considered loud options. Propane-fueled generators, on the other hand, are considered relatively silent. But if you are looking for a generator that will double up as a home and travel generator, you can opt for a solar-powered generator. For starters, you might also go for a dual or tri-fuel generator. But make sure that you limit your options on generators that use the quieter fuels. 

Low Wattage

Another critical parameter to look for when looking for a silent generator is the wattage. Usually, generators with a lower wattage tend to more silent than those that have a high wattage. However, this does not mean that you compromise on the wattage of your generator. Instead, make sure that the generator offers wattage to power everything you need. 

Finding the right generator takes a lot more than looking at the features suggested here. For instance, you might have to pay attention to other things such as user reviews, recommendations from other homeowners, and the price. The good thing about finding a quiet generator is that there are many worthwhile options in the market.  

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