Why Real Estate Marketers Invest in Drones

real estate photoThe world of real estate continues to evolve to unprecedented heights. Marketers are now employing more creative ideas and technologies to get things done more efficiently and effectively, which reduces costs and results in more satisfaction for both property owner and potential buyer or renter.

To Get Unique Shots of Properties

When using a drone, you can capture some unique shots of any property that you need to market. That means that you have better images and videos that you can present to potential buyers to get them a lot more interested in the properties. Examples of the shots that you can take include a 360 panorama, close-up bird’s eye view, and a slow-zoom from the neighboring area, among others.

To Eliminate Need for House Visits

With a drone, you can eliminate the need to take your clients around the entire exterior of the home or property that you are marketing. That will save you and the clients a lot of time and the energy that would be required to go all around the exterior, especially if the property of interest is large. With more advanced drones that can be controlled remotely, visiting the property can be avoided altogether, even for clients that wish to see the current state of the property. That, however, requires an adequately skilled drone pilot.

To Get Detailed Shots

Getting shots of some parts of a house may be too challenging, even for a professional photographer. That is especially the case for areas that are difficult to reach, including upper floors and high windows. With a drone, getting such shots becomes easy, allowing you to show potential clients more details of the house.

To Save Money

It is far much cheaper to use a drone than a helicopter in both photography and videography. You can get shots from the same aerial angles that a professional photographer would from a helicopter, without the high costs related to hiring the aircraft. Drones can also be more maneuverable compared to a full-size helicopter, meaning that you can potentially get better images and videos while saving money.drone hovering

To Satisfy Seller Needs

With almost every other realtor using drones, sellers may demand the same from you. You can lose a client for only having not invested in a drone. If your competitors are not using drones, then investing in one will give you a significant advantage over them.

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